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Who can apply?

Hand in Hand Eastern Africa is an equal opportunity employer and provides challenging and rewarding career opportunities. Every career opportunity allows for a powerful and lasting contribution to the future of the institution. At HiH EA, we’re constantly seeking ways to ensure that our people not only make the most of their profession, but also the most out of life.

What are the benefits?

HiH EA Staff Training

At HiH EA, we undertake staff induction and training to equip one adequately. We undertake regular training of trainer sessions on presentation skills and public speaking to facilitate effective service delivery.

HiH EA Staff Symposium

HiH EA holds an annual staff symposium that facilitates review of the year’s events and activities as well as planning for the coming year. This symposium is also used as a team building event for all HiH EA staff.

Environmental Day

HiH EA has an annual environmental day. During this day, the staff, partners and members embark on environmental cleaning and tree planting. It is, in addition, a day when all our stakeholders get together to socialize and underscore HiH EA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Who can apply?

Advertisement and key selection criteria

Vacancies have a unique position number or job reference that you need to quote in your application. The job details and position description outline the responsibilities and key selection criteria you should meet.

Applications close

You must submit your application by the closing date shown in the advertisement. Applications
can be submitted online. Go to current vacancies on this website, select the position, scroll down, fill in the form and apply. Online applications are acknowledged, via email, when received. We also accept applications in hard copy form, but would prefer to receive your application electronically. If you wish to apply via e-mail, fax or through the post, please contact the person listed in the advertisement.

Assessment of applicants

The received applications are then assessed against the capability requirements and key selection criteria, then ranked and potential candidates are short-listed for interviews carried out by the manager and a selection panel. Questions are asked that evaluate the person given selection criteria. Behavioral interviewing techniques, ability tests, as well as written and oral tests or other assessments, may also be used in this part of the job application process. Referees may also be contacted after an interview. Selection is on the basis of merit.

Job offer made

The panel prepares a selection report which outlines the process followed and makes a recommendation as to the most suitable applicant. This report needs to demonstrate that the selection process was fair and reasonable, and that selection was based on merit. The appointment is then authorized by a senior employee or delegate. Once salary and terms and conditions are negotiated, an agreed start date is decided upon. There is usually a period of probation to be undergone before the appointment is confirmed. Unsuccessful applicants are informed about the selection process outcomes after the successful applicant has been chosen.

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