Our Mandate…

is to reduce poverty through enterprise development and job creation.

The HiH Eastern Africa Business Model

The HiH EA enterprise development model is premised on the need to create sustainable income generating activities by addressing major challenges facing many small-scale farmers/entrepreneurs. The Hand in Hand approach sees job creation as a highly effective development tool where micro-entrepreneurs are key drivers for economic growth and poverty reduction. The model supports job creation via four interlinked components: –


The ultimate objective of HiH EA is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and of gender disparities that are endemic in Kenya. This will be achieved after a combination of measures, that taken together break down barriers and unlock the entrepreneurial potential of programme participants. This then gives them tools that enable them to access growing markets and thereby increase their incomes.

HiH Eastern Africa perceives of the government’s focus on job creation as monumental and therefore strives to participate in this agenda with incomparable enthusiasm. It works through social mobilization and enterprise training in various communities to help these to discover their entrepreneurial talents and potential. This improves incomes and food sufficiency alleviating poverty.

Our unique approach towards eradicating poverty in Eastern Africa encompasses four key strategies namely; Outreach Programs, Partnerships, Collaborations and Networking. These strategies aid in forming solid synergies with the organization’s partners and members.

Target groups


We target males and females between the ages of 18 to 35 years whose economic activities comprise agriculture, enterprise and art. HiH EA supports youth to help them create enterprises that lead to self-employment. We empower them by growing entrepreneurship skills and by adding to their entrepreneurial motivation and spirit.


These are women with businesses and small scale farming activities (both crop and livestock farming) who lack capacity to upscale their incomes. We enable them to grow their entrepreneurship skills, build their entrepreneurial motivation and spirit and create enterprises and jobs.


HiH EA works with a small percentage of men in business and agriculture (both crop and livestock farming).

Other groups

 Self-help groups

Farmers groups

Welfare groups
Support groups
Traders groups
Religious based org
Community based org