Hand in Hand EA Kenya

Project Info

Region: Njabini

Project Description

The project recognized that farmers in Njabini were not producing optimally, lacked access to better markets and lacked access to good quality inputs; contributing to low yields, low profits and entrapping them in a poverty cycle. Therefore, the project aimed at Providing agronomic skills development to 2,000 existing Hand in Hand Members to enhance the efficiency and profitability of the potato and dairy enterprises, contributing to their ability to exit the poverty cycle.

 Project objectives

  •  Increase profitability and resilience of member enterprises in Dairy and Potato value chains
  •  Improve financial resilience
  •  Increase women’s economic empowerment


  1. Challenges and mitigation during Project Implementation
  • Challenge
  1. Unpredictable weather patterns
  2. High cost of feeds

iii. High cost of inputs

  • Mitigation strategies
  1. Unpredictable weather patterns-Adopting climate smart practices and use of tolerant varieties
  2. High cost of feeds-Members formulating their own quality feeds, sensitization on own farm production of fodder,
  3. High cost of inputs-continuous creation of awareness on available subsidies by government programmes
  4. Encouraging Bulk purchasing and collective marketing
  • Lessons learnt

The challenges need to be identified continuously and come up with mitigating measures. This will enable timely addressing of the challenges and hence maximizing on the impact of the project

  • How we shall apply the learning in future
  1. In future all stakeholders will be involved during project design. This will help to identify potential challenges and their mitigation.
  2. Timely recruitment will aid in ensuring all project beneficiaries get full benefits in terms of the offering.