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Project Info

Region: Kenya

Project Description

The DIGITISE project is a transformative initiative that aims to elevate 3,000 established enterprises in Kenya to become profitable and sustainable businesses through digitalization. In today’s world, digital technologies have proven to be pivotal in transforming businesses and economies globally, Kenya included.

Project Goal: The primary objective of the DIGITISE project is to facilitate the increased profitability, growth, and resilience of participating member enterprises in Kenya.

Outcomes: To achieve this overarching goal, the project focuses on the following outcomes:

  1. Members adopt target business practices proven to improve profitability, growth and resilience.
  2. Enhanced sector-specific skills, knowledge and networks: Through specialized mentorship sessions, the project aims to provide resources and opportunities to strengthen the expertise and networking capabilities of members in their respective industries.
  3. Improved Access to Credit: By adopting digital financial management solutions, enterprises will streamline record-keeping, payments, and expense management, increasing their eligibility for credit, which can be utilized to expand their businesses
  4. Increased adoption of digital literacy skills: The project will equip member enterprises with essential digital skills to stay competitive and innovative in their sectors.

Digital literacy to achieve Digitalization

In enterprise development, digital literacy is essential for enterprises to remain competitive and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. It enables businesses to leverage digital technologies to improve their processes, reach new customers, and create innovative products and services.

Adopting Digitalization Strategies

  1. Digital Marketing: Member enterprises will be trained on how to leverage social media platforms for marketing to reach the right audience, enhance brand visibility, and drive customer acquisition.
  2. E-commerce Integration: By enlisting MSMEs on popular E-commerce platforms such as Jumia and Glovo, the project seeks to expand their customer base and boost sales.
  3. Financial Management: The adoption of digital financial management solutions will empower enterprises to manage their finances efficiently, make informed decisions and increase their potential to access credit for business expansion.
  4. Supply Chain Management Optimization: The project aims to enhance the efficiency of enterprises’ supply chain processes, including stock-taking, order processing, and deliveries, ultimately reducing costs and improving delivery times.

Implementation Strategies: 

  1. Digital Market Linkages: Facilitation of connections between member enterprises and digital marketplaces, enhancing their online visibility and access to potential customers.
  2. Sector-Specific Mentorship Sessions: Thriving entrepreneurs will provide specialized mentorship sessions to equip enterprises with industry-specific knowledge and skills.
  3. Business Club Trainings: HiH EA members will participate in interactive business club trainings for knowledge exchange and to fostering collaboration
  4. One-on-two digital marketing coaching: Personalized coaching sessions will be offered to enterprises, guiding them on effective digital marketing strategies.
  5. One-on-two business coaching: Providing individualized coaching sessions to address specific business challenges, successes and explore growth opportunities.