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Mtopanga River Conservation C.B.O

Mtopanga River Conservation is a small but passionate community-based organization located in Mombasa County, Kenya, dedicated to restoring the Mtopanga River to its original state. The organization was formed in response to the dire environmental degradation that had caused waterborne diseases and marine degradation due to plastic litter. The members of the group have diversified sources of income, including garbage collection, selling foodstuffs and second-hand clothes, and tour guiding. Despite their different backgrounds and income streams, they are united by a common purpose – to restore the Mtopanga River to its pristine state.

For many of the members of Mtopanga River Conservation, the organization has been a lifeline, providing them with a source of income and a sense of purpose. Many of the members joined the group out of desperation, as they had no other source of income. Nelly, a member of the group, joined the organization after losing her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She had no other source of income and was struggling to make ends meet. She saw an opportunity to earn an income while also contributing to a noble cause and jumped at the chance. She says, “Joining Mtopanga River Conservation has been a lifesaver for me. I was at my lowest point when I joined the organization, and now I have hope for the future.”

Another member, Said, joined the organization out of a deep sense of responsibility to his community. He had grown up fishing in the Mtopanga River and had seen firsthand the devastating impact of plastic litter on the river and the surrounding marine ecosystem. He says, “I joined Mtopanga River Conservation because I felt a deep responsibility to my community. The river is our lifeblood, and we need to do everything in our power to protect it.”