Hand in Hand EA Kenya

Bernard Mulwa

There is a saying around the world about teaching old dogs new tricks. This is a story about how wrong that saying is.

In the bustling community of Mukuru kwa Reuben, Bernard Mulwa struggled to make ends meet. As an entrepreneur, Bernard was constantly faced with the challenge of how to market his products to potential customers. Without access to digital platforms, his reach was limited to the people around him who were also struggling, and therefore he struggled to make a sustainable income.

However, that all changed when Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (HiH EA) stepped in to support Bernard. He received comprehensive training on digital skills, which transformed the way he approached his business operations. Bernard quickly realized the power of leveraging digital platforms to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

“At first, I saw social media as a waste of time. It was something the youth were doing to kill time and share random things. I didn’t understand how it could help me and my business. But after the HiH EA training, I realized the potential it holds,” Bernard said. He now enjoys the title “Ule Mukuru Content Creator (That old man that is a content creator) that the youth around him have branded him.

With the knowledge he gained from the training, Bernard was able to brand, market, and sell his detergent products online. He no longer had to walk around in harsh weather, hoping to sell his products. He was now able to connect with potential customers online, expanding his reach and increasing his sales.

Before the training, Bernard struggled to earn a sustainable income. However, with the help of HiH EA, he has been able to turn his business around. He now specializes in the production of soap, detergent, and hand-wash products that have gained popularity within his local community. Bernard has become a beacon of hope for others in the community who are looking to improve their economic status.

“When I was struggling, I felt hopeless. But sasa nina Imani ya yajayo, I have hope for the future. I have a steady income and am able to support my family,” Bernard said.

The impact of HiH EA’s support has been significant for Bernard. With his newfound digital skills, he has been able to create a successful business that not only supports him but also his community. He has been able to create employment opportunities for others and has inspired others in the community to pursue entrepreneurship.

“I am grateful to HiH EA for giving me the opportunity to learn new skills. I hope to inspire others in my community to do the same. We can all create a better future for ourselves,” Bernard said.

Through the transformative power of digital skills training, Bernard has been able to achieve success in his business and inspire others in his community. HiH EA’s support has not only enabled him to achieve economic independence but has also empowered him to make a positive impact in his community.