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I started saving after joining Hand in Hand Eastern Africa and the trainer taught us the importance and the different channels of saving. I saved every little shilling i got from my work as a farm hand. It cost me $7 to start this enterprise.

Hand in Hand has made me be my own boss. I never knew that I would use my talent to make a living for myself. I have learnt that entrepreneurs do not fear taking risks. My confidence and self esteem has since improved. I used to fear standing before people and telling them about my business. I have also learnt that I do not have to go looking for white collar jobs to earn a living. I have been taught to look around and within and see that thing that can make me an entrepreneur.

Thanks to Hand in Hand

Name of Entrepreneur

My name is Patrick Mutinda Charles and I am 25 years old. I come from Machakos County in Kenya. I was raised up alongside my younger brother by a single parent and I did not get a chance to enrol for my college education due to lack of fees. I discovered my talent to draw architectural designs while I was 11 years old. I have a passion for a clean environment which is the major driving force for my business.

All about the Business

  1. My enterprise involves architectural landscaping using old recycled cartons to make design of outdoor public areas and structures to achieve environmental or aesthetic outcomes.
  2. I am involved in this green business because it is a talent in me that i have nurtured to help me become an entrepreneur. Also the business helps protect our environment from biodegradable materials that threaten our environment. The fact that cartons are very light makes it very easy for them to be blown from place to place and as a result, the unending littering of the environment.
  3. Water systems like springs, ponds, rivers e.t.c are blocked during continued damping of these materials along the shore, the water flow is affected and may be stopped causing floods, disease habitation and unpleasant scenery. When wastes are poorly disposed, we end up having the beautiful natural environment losing its beauty this may scare away many tourists and visitors in an area.


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Passionate Entrepreneur
Passionate Entrepreneur