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10 Kenyans are among hundreds of entrepreneurs who participated in a social entrepreneurship forum (SEForum) that aims to equip both local trainers and community members with the knowledge, skills and tools to support and build social businesses in East Africa.
The 10 day social Business Boot camp held at the Multi Media University of Kenya targeted high potential social entrepreneurs and is funded by SEForum and Hand in Hand Eastern Africa. The 2 organizations work towards poverty alleviation by promoting social entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurs.
The targeted entrepreneurs already have established businesses or have value driven initiatives that help address social problems while at the same time generating financial returns for them. Some of the businesses run by these social entrepreneurs are green enterprises that protect the environment, Day care enterprises that target working mothers with kids and also those that run community libraries that target school going children.

The training program also seeks to increase the business capacity of the high potential social enterprises to enhance their impact in the communities within which they operate and provide the social business boot camp participants with information and tools to transform their micro enterprises into profitable social businesses. The 2 organizations will also pilot a training and capacity building programme that could be rolled out to all the areas of operations in Kenya.
The SEForum training program is giving opportunities for the poor not only to earn from their labour but also to transform their communities through job creation and economic development.
After the training, the 2 organizations will closely monitor the program participants for evaluations on functioning businesses and new social enterprises started as well as oversee the disbursement of grants for the entrepreneurs.

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