Hand In Hand Training

25 Year Old Business Owner

Meet Patrick Mutinda Charles, 25 years old, a happy and passionate Entrepreneur


I started saving after joining Hand in Hand Eastern Africa and the trainer taught us the importance and
the different channels of saving. I saved every little shilling i got from my work as a farm hand.
It cost me $7 to start this enterprise.

Hand in Hand has made me be my own boss. I never knew that I would use my talent to make a living for myself.
I have learnt that entrepreneurs do not fear taking risks. My confidence and self esteem has since improved.
I used to fear standing before people and telling them about my business.
I have also learnt that I do not have to go looking for white collar jobs to earn a living.
I have been taught to look around and within and see that thing that can make me an entrepreneur.
Thanks to Hand in Hand

Please click on this link to read the full story of a young, passionate entrepreneur.

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