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Hand in Hand Eastern Africa has added yet another cap to its projects that has an environmental and climate focus. The Eco-Entrepreneurship project funded by Gunvor. The 3 year project aims at supporting eco-enterprise scale-up and replication to Hand in Hand members in Kiambu, Limuru and Eldama Ravine. The project will directly support a significant number of eco-enterprises at various growth stages.

For millions of people in rural Kenya, life is getting harder. Reliant on erratic rains, working on exhausted soil and many have sunk deeper into poverty as agriculture — the mainstay of the region’s economy — continues to face neglect. The project is expected to help members to raise crop yields, build transportation and marketing systems and adopt modern, sustainable farming methods that contribute to cleaner and sustainable environment.


The project aims at mobilizing and training over 14,000 members through equipping them with skills on eco-entrepreneurship who will them create 9,000 enterprises and 12,000 jobs. Another impact will be the creation of 2,900 green enterprises which is 30% of the enterprises.