Susan is a 29 years old married lady who resides in Thogoto Village . She is a member of Kiambi Thogoto selfhelp groups where she joined as the group in July 2010. By the time she joined the group she was employed as a casual albour earning KES 500 per day at the Pesbatrian University of East Africa Thogoto. In September , 2011 her group joined Hand In Hand Eastern Africa program, where they commenced HiHEA training. In November 2011, Susan lost her job. She therefore remained unemployed.



Thanks to Hand in Hand training on Savings mobilization and Enterprenuership. Susan had managed to put a side little saving of KES 3,000 and had been trained on identifying business opportunity.Susan used her savings to start a fruit stall in February 2012, which she established at the road side. At the same time she had always wished to have skills on liquid soap making. This also came as a blessing when Sarah a HiHEA Business relationship officer trained the group on Liquid soap making. She has now satarted also selling the liquid soap. At her road side stall, she identified an opportunity where people wanted i‘Njahi’ She has now started cooking njahi ans sell 2kiligrams per day.


susan 2

Currently Susan has a fulltime job where she is arning more money that she was earning when employed. She is curretly she makes sales of KES 11,750/- from Liquid Soap, KES 5,000 from Njahi and KES 33,750 from the fruit stall, Hence Susan makes a total sale of KES 62,250. Where when she subtracts her expenses she maked profits of KES: 21,875 compared to the 12,500 she was making when she was on casual employment.

Susan is gratfull to HiH because besides having a fulltime relaible job ,she is also able to save through her iiM-PESA account at least KES 3,000/- per month.  She has also added a few items to her household assets; a pressure cooker that she uses to cook the Njahi and she is currently paying on hire purchase a new fridge to complete the loan paqyment end of April and collect the fridge. Also she now has the ability to separate her household and business monies,keep business records, budget and plan for her finances .When she attends her group meeting she appreciated the group constitution and role of each official and members. Above it all she has the freedom and choice to run her business and she now has dignity; people have started appreciating her including her In-Laws family.