Rebecca Mutele

Rebecca Mutele is a 69 year old widow and a mother of six. She lives with four of her grandchildren who depend on her for upkeep. She is a resident of Mweini location, Nzaui Sub -County. Rebecca joined HiH EA adult literacy training program in June 2014 in level one.

 She could not believe that one day she would be in a position to write her name and do simple calculations. She could not speak in Kiswahili but the teacher kept on encouraging her. 

On 21st October 2014 Rebecca sat for her first graduation CAT and scored 60% in number work and 55% in reading and writing.  She is now able to write her name, construct simple words from syllables and understand few Kiswahili words.

Beside the adult literacy class, Rebecca has been following keenly the training on enterprise development. Before the training she never knew that she could turn her weaving talent into a business venture. She used to weave baskets for herself and for her friends for free.

After gaining business ideas Rebecca decided to use her talent to generate some income. She borrowed Ksh.1000 from her group table banking and bought some sisal and weaving threads.

Rebecca weaves at least ten baskets monthly and sells them at Ksh 450 each making Ksh.4,500 monthly.

Rebecca says that she is now able to feed her grandchildren well and hopes to expand her business even more and target a wider market.