Peter Mungai Njoroge

Njagu Farmers Enterprise

Kiganjo Business Faith SHG is in Kiambu County. The group joined HIH EA in 2013 and has undergone all training modules successfully.

Peter Mungai Njoroge, a member had an idea of opening a soya milling business. He scouted for four members from the same locality and shared his idea. They formed the group him being the chairperson. Their objective was to improve on the nutrition and livelihoods of group members and the community.

 HiH EA connected them to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock who trained them on the nutritional and commercial value of soya beans. They then started a project on soya growing and value addition with the objective of improving nutrition of their members and the community, and earn income for the group.

Currently they operate a group business whereby they engage in:

  • Soya drinks
  • Cereals milling
  • Selling groundnuts snacks
  • Whole wheat and porridge flour
  • Soya milk

They have realized the following benefits.

  • Improved food nutrition in their families through soya drinks and soya beans.
    They generate a profit of Ksh 10,000 monthly from the sale of Soya products and share amongst themselves.
  • They participate annually in the Nairobi International show, County exhibitions and field days offering them exposure and visibility.
  • The members have gone through the HIH EA training and have learnt about group dynamics specifically on leadership and group discipline.
  • Through the savings and resource mobilization the members have opened individual accounts and are now saving with HIH EA so as to qualify for the EIF loan. They have also benefited from Enterprise management training and proper record keeping.
  • HiH EA has trained them on value addition: good customer care, good packaging, sorting, branding, and labeling. They now sell soya which is well packed and labeled. They have employed themselves and have temporary employees.

Their future plans are to:

  1. Open soya milling stations in various towns
  2. To have own plots
  3. Issue dividends to group members
  4. Offer employment opportunities