Namunyak is 38years old and a mother of five children. She is married to Lipirinyoki Muyantent and lives at Imisigiyio village in Entonet Location.Namunyak are a member of Naserian adult class.

Namunyak is a beautiful woman who from the first impression,one will think that she is very learned. When she narrated her story to me, I could not believe my ears. Namunyak has never been to school as her father never believed in educating a girl. She grew up knowing that her work was entirely herding her father’s cattle .She therefore could not write her name or do simple calculations until HiH EA visited her area.

She enrolled for adult literacy training in August 2014 and is now in level one waiting to sit her exam that will take her to level 2.She is very enthusiastic about learning and is now able to write her name.

Following enterprise development training, she started a small kiosk in her home in October after selling two of her goats at Ksh.6000.

She hopes to expand her business and manage it well by keeping simple records.She says,”Asante sana walimu wa HiH EA.