Edith Wambui

Edith  is grandmother of 5 orphans living in Kijiji slum in Lunda Kiambu.  She makes hand made baskets using sisal, plastic paper, bead baskets and purses from her slum house. She sells her products locally along the Lunda estate road side and local supplying.

She belonged to Good wish Kijiji shg. The group belongs in the same slum. HiH had started training the group where they were trained on group formation and savings. Edith felt is  important they stay as a group to be able to up lift each other.

edith 1

Out of the training Edith felt the importance of training the members on beads making and basketry. The group did not embrace her talent and instead wanted to make money out of her talent where they wanted to train other people and charge high fees from the training which they were to share equally yet it was Edith was training. By this time Edith had learnt, from HiH that there was importance to improve the quality of her products and venture in to marketing them. She also realized that she could not move on due to the derailment of the group since if she trained any person the group would raise issues with her, where she felt it was not fair since she charged ksh.5,000 while the group insisted on ksh. 20,000/- .

edith 2

Due to the selfish reasons of the group, Edith left the group and ventured to develop her own enterprise out of her beads skills where.

  1. She enhanced her skills by learning deferent designs (attended additional skills training).
  2. She makes beads baskets, pursed and mats for sale.
  3. She makes beads chain for sale.
  4. Trains other people at the cost of 5,000 per course.