In Israel.



Through its partnership with African Beekeepers Limited (ABL), HiH EA was awarded a scholarship to travel to Israel in the month of April 2016. The HiH EA representative attended 3-weeks training on apiculture organized by Mashav, Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation and CINADCO, the Center for International Agricultural Development Cooperation. The aim of the course was to share Israel’s experience and applied research, taking into consideration the adaptability of methods and technologies, to meet local conditions in each participant’s country. Knowledge and lessons gained from the training have been used to benefit bee farmers in the implementing areas through refresher trainings conducted on bee farmers as well as the staff. HiH EA has also attended other training forums on integrated farming in Benin organized by AFRACA.


Stephen Wambua (front row right), Program Operations Manager HiH EA poses for a group photo during the workshop on apiculture in Israel.

Since the project’s inception in August 2015, the farmers have had two harvest seasons. The first harvest was not as successful as the second. The second harvest which was done in Mogotio, Baringo County saw the bee farmers sell their honey for KES 20,000. This acted as a motivation for the other farmers who saw that the venture is an income generating activity.

With a lot of farmers embracing this initiative and others showing potential to engage in beekeeping, the project will help ensure food security, promote more tree planting than tree-cutting and encourage agro-forestry in an area that has experienced the worst degradation of the environment.

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